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The Studio

Creative Design + Planning includes leading urban designers and town planning professionals... the core team of passionate and talented individuals connecting strategic and creative thinking.

Collectively, our team is a market leader in strategic town planning and creative urban design. Individual team members have been selected based on their skills and experience as recognised leaders in their field.

Our extensive professional experience is drawn from our involvement in projects from strategic inception to on the ground delivery and implementation.

Truly creative and collaborative, the team draws ideas, knowledge and skills from a range of disciplines and applies these to urban projects with flair and artistic outcomes. Our talented urban designers generate strong, purposeful and visionary urban designs at scales ranging from street, urban blocks and small urban spaces to ‘mega’ master plans.

We believe that a key to great places and successful developments, indeed their foundation, lies in great design. We embed place making principles at the onset of a project... making it an integral part of the design phase. This provides a platform for fostering the evolution of great places.

The Creative Design + Planning team focuses on getting the place making design right the first time, early in a project, to achieve higher quality place outcomes and limit re-work and costly revitalisation programs. Our design driven place making complements other programs which strengthen the community building elements. We use place making as a tool to add value to projects.

The Creative Design + Planning professionals aim to identify and leverage value adding opportunities for our clients’ projects. Our leading strategic and statutory planning team provides our clients with an astute edge to planning based on current data and trends, evidence based solutions, and our continuous drive to always ‘push the boundaries’ in order to maximise project results.

We also align projects with state and local government planning goals and encourage stakeholder buy-in.

Our key personnel have a distinct ability to negotiate approvals adopting a conscious, assertive and very professional ‘win-win’ approach.

We specialise in bringing together stakeholders and managing industry leaders to deliver successful project outcomes. It is this team approach and focus on the realisation of the nexus of stakeholders’ interests that we believe makes us different, alongside a fundamental desire to maximise project outcomes for all stakeholders.

We crave innovation, creative design and optimal planning outcomes throughout our work.


The key personnel at Creative Design + Planning have been responsible for and/or made significant contribution towards conceptualisation, design and securing of key planning approvals for some of the largest and highest profile projects in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Our grasp of current trends in design, policy and statutory framework provides for impressive results... 

Senior Staff

Frank Arangio Headshot

Frank Arangio

Managing Director

Frank has amassed over 30 years of practice as a town planning consultant. His breadth of experience covers all areas of town planning, particularly general advocacy, project management, statutory planning processes, approval negotiation, structure planning and subdivision design. He is a Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia (WA Division).

Frank has coordinated the planning of many residential, rural and industrial estates in Western Australia, successfully steering numerous development proposals through the sometimes challenging approval process.

Frank adopts a pragmatic, outcomes focused approach to projects and has developed strong professional relationships at all levels of Government. His particular strengths are in project strategising, resolution of often complex issues and successfully negotiating approvals.

Having also served on multiple professional committees and as a part time lecturer in the undergraduate planning course at Curtin University, Frank has established himself as a well respected member of the planning profession.

Kasia Betka Headshot

Kasia Betka

Associate Director

With over 22 years of experience in both private and public sectors, Kasia has extensive experience as the lead town planner and urban designer for major urban redevelopment projects.

She is a strategic thinker who bridges the gap between statutory town planning and urban design, adopting a conscious, assertive, win-win oriented approach to her work. She places special emphasis on introducing strategic planning elements into the conceptual and definition phases of projects to provide ‘cutting edge’ innovative planning outcomes.

Her expertise is in strategic planning, development facilitation, general advocacy and negotiations, structure planning, development control and project management. Importantly, she is well acquainted with the ever broadening legislative and policy framework impacting the planning system and has gained specialist experience in the area of Development Contribution Plans/Arrangements.

Kasia’s enthusiasm, passion for planning and strong management skills have seen her serve in executive capacities for various professional planning associations including PIA Urban Design Chapter and on a board of directors of a major aged care facility.

Justin Hansen Headshot

Justin Hansen

Associate Director

Justin is a focused, highly organised town planner whom approaches each project with enthusiasm and dedication... striving to achieve practical over policy driven outcomes using his high level of knowledge of the planning system and processes.

Justin has diverse experience in many facets of urban and regional planning spanning over 15 years, having worked in both the private and local government sectors, including experience abroad in the United Kingdom.

His strong emphasis is on statutory planning including subdivision and development applications, detailed area plans through to complex Local and District Structure Planning. Justin also has experience in project management, feasibility studies and town planning appeals.

His negotiation skills and positive approach to tasks ensures good communication between clients, project consultant team and approval agencies to provide positive outcomes through the most complex of town planning matters. Importantly, he focuses on ensuring the best level of performance to complete the project on time and on budget.

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