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The Parks at East Baldivis

AHB Co-Venture

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Baldivis, Western Australia

Approx. 40km south of Perth


Integrated open space network with all lots within 200m of green, small lot product near to Baldivis area


Approx. 930


MRS Rezoning

Local Authority Rezoning

Local Structure Planning

Detailed Subdivision Design

Negotiating Statutory Approvals

Baldivis Parks Estate in East Baldivis comprises some 59 hectares of land in an elongated future urban corridor between Baldivis Road and the Kwinana Freeway.

The project involved progression of a complex MRS amendment and district level structure planning for various landowners managed by a consultant led Baldivis East Stakeholder Team - (BEST) collaborative group. Issues encountered included the need for an integrated urban water management strategy, negotiation of public school sites, capacity limitations associated with the Kwinana Waste Water Treatment Plant and infrastructure cost sharing arrangements.

The AHB Co-Venture's East Baldivis Local Structure Plan and subsequent subdivision approvals secured by CD+P will facilitate the delivery of over 880 dwellings within a diverse mix of lot products.

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