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Spires Estate

Carcione Group / Spatial Property Group

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Baldivis, Western Australia

Approx. 40km south of Perth


Neighbourhood Centre


Approx. 1,200


MRS (Urban Lifting) Amendment

Local Structure Planning

Detailed Subdivision Design

Negotiating Statutory Approvals

Detailed Area Plans

Spires Residential Estate is located in Baldivis, 40 km south of the Perth CBD and approximately 6 km east of the Rockingham City Centre. In its' entirety, the project covers an area of approximately 83.5 hectares, and will produce in excess of 1,200 dwellings. Also incorporated is a neighbourhood centre which will provide for Home Based Business uses within the area surrounding the commercial hub.

CD+P professionals have been involved in the lifting of Urban Deferment, local structure planning and subdivision components of the project. These broad tasks were underpinned by a detailed and site responsive design reflecting the client's proposed built form palate.

The concept is predicated on an efficient and permeable road network and an interconnected open space network throughout, encouraging pedestrian movement within the estate and to the neighbouring primary school site and regional recreation reserve. Retention of remnant vegetation within the open space network was also achieved through linear open space areas, and use of gabion retaining wall structures utilising recycled materials.

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