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Halls Head, Western Australia

6km south of Mandurah

70km south of Perth


Coastal Living and Village Centre




Local Authority Rezoning

Local Structure Planning

Subdivision Design

Detailed Area Plans

Negotiating Statutory Approvals

Forming an integral part of the Halls Head Peninsula, Seascapes represents a premier coastal urban settlement. Structure Planning for Seascapes provides for the creation of a 1,400 lot coastal village. The Estate has been designed to embrace coastal living opportunities and facilitate the development of a strong, vibrant seaside community.

CD+P's involvement on the project assured a wide range of residential densities are incorporated within the Estate, with higher density sites framing the proposed village centre. Lot sizes vary between 350m² - 800m², with development of the higher density sites being controlled through detailed building design guidelines to ensure high standard of development and an urban form which embraces it's proximity to the coast and the lifestyle opportunities that Mandurah offers.

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