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Ocean Hill Estate

CP Land Pty Ltd

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Lakelands, Western Australia

Approximately 55 km south of Perth CBD


Primary School, High School, District Open Space, large central public open space, landscape buffer to Mandurah Road, R40 urban clusters within an R30 suburban mix.




PRS Amendment

Outline Development Plan

Master Plan

Detailed Concept Subdivision Plan

Local Development Plans

Development Applications

Engaged by CP Land Pty Ltd and Urban Capital Group project managers, CD+P was set the task of transforming a 120 hectare decommissioned quarry site into a new residential community. The resultant master caters for some 1,920 dwellings accomodating approximately 5,400 residents; this inclusive of a central feature park with ocean views, as well as a new Primary School, Lakelands Secondary School and District Playing Fields serving the broader North Mandurah community.

Transparency in development intentions, and structured engagement of the City of Mandurah and WAPC enabled the overlapping of all planning processes. Remarkably, rezoning, structure planning and subdivision approval of the initial stages was achieved in under 14 months.

Ocean Hill Estate will provide a welcoming experience on arrival, embracing the coastal vegetation and topography of the Estate's 'western precinct', through to the woodlands environment and retention of several quality native trees within the 'eastern precinct'.These distinct precincts are separated by steep topography in the centre of the Estate being a remnant of the original quarry land use.

Parkland areas meandering west to east, and a pedestrian 'green-link' circumnavigating the entire Estate, will enable the local community an almost uninterrupted walking and cycling trail. Along with the project team's key objective of one street tree per dwelling, emphasis on lot and dwelling product diversity and high quality built form outcomes, and retention of quality vegetation throughout, this Estate will deliver a clear point of difference to other residential developments in the locality.

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