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Murdoch University

Murdoch University

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Murdoch, Western Australia

Approx. 15km south of Perth CBD


Sustainability, Pedestrian and Public Transport accessibility, Commercial and Business opportunities and other development opportunities


Master Planning

Individual Development Applications

The Murdoch University lease/ Crown Grant covers over 220 hectares of land on South Street in the City of Melville. CD+P staff played a pivitol role within a multidisciplinary team responsible for preparing a Master Plan and exploring development options for expanding and diversifying the land uses on the Murdoch University land holding.

The main objective of the project is to create a modern, integrated, sustainable, vibrant and active University campus which strives for academic excellence and responds to commercial opportunities and business opportunities to support the on-going growth and development of the University. The Master Plan consolidates the existing campus, maximises pedestrian and public transport accessibility and promotes a range of development opportunities that have a strong relationship to the University.

The model used for Murdoch University has been one of full integration and environmental, economic and social sustainability. The Master Plan will essentially provide a long term vision for Murdoch University land holdings and provide a framework for well planned sustainable development which encourages a diversified mix of land uses.

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