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Murdoch University - Student Village Extension

Murdoch University

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Murdoch, City of Melville


Grouped and Multiple Dwellings


4 buildings and 309 beds


Development Application

In 2007 CD+P (then DPS) prepared development application to secure and extension to the student village at Murdoch University. This was undertaken in conjunction with project architects, Architectus + Ferrier Baudet. The proposed development related to four new student housing buildings, including communal facilities and mini-café, north of the existing student village. The original student village includes numerous one to two-storey cottage buildings accommodating approximately 540 student beds. Based on further demand for student housing, and in accordance with the Campus Development Strategy, the development application sought and additional 390 student beds.

The development was proposed at a higher density than the current student village to ensure any future (long term) demand and expansion of student housing could be sufficiently provided on Campus. The proposed development provided a high standard of living for students, in a safe and interactive environment, with excellent access to Campus amenities and facilities and public transport.

The development application addressed issues of built form design, building height, streetscape, bulk and scale of the built form, materials, dwelling orientation, cross ventilation, communal open space, traffic, movement networks, car parking and statutory compliance. CD+P (then DPS) successfully negotiated approval to the

development application and the result has been that students are housed in superior buildings offering improved living and amenity conditions as well as having good access to all Campus facilities and public transport. The proposed high density development better utilises the limited space available for student housing purposes and includes appropriate landscaping which significantly improves the local streetscape in this western section of the Campus. The proposed development also complements the existing and future stages of the adjoining development, as well as the long term vision for development adjacent to the entrance to the University from South Street.

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