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Bennett Springs, Western Australia

Approximately 14.5km north east of Perth CBD


Residential development, primary regional road, powerline corridor, wetland conservation, railways reserve, Bennett Brook conservation




Lifting of Urban Deferment

Local Planning Scheme Rezoning

Local Structure Plan

Master Planning

Subdivision Plans and Approvals

Local Development Plans

Review and Advice on Developer Contribution Plan

The 54 hectare precinct referred to as Bennett Springs East is situated approximately 14 km north east of the Perth CBD and 6 km north-west of the Midland Strategic Metropolitan Centre.

CD+P was engaged by Mirvac Pty Ltd to undertake a range of planning tasks to facilitate the development of the composite site for residential purposes. Together with a specialist consultant team, our professionals prepared an application to lift the Urban Deferment applying to the land under the Metropolitan Region Scheme and undertook preparation of a Local Structure Plan.

A key point of difference is the pursuit of a medium density precinct, featuring mandatory two storey housing, in the eastern portion of the estate near the proposed upgraded public transit system linking Ellenbrook to the city.

We have also undertaken more detailed planning tasks, including providing ongoing advice and input into the Development Contribution Plan for the area.

Ultimately, the project will accommodate in excess of 700 dwellings with a distinctive increased presence of medium density product.

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