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Harrisdale Town Centre



Harrisdale, Western Australia

20km south of Perth


District Activity Centre, Main Street Principles


Structure Planning (North Forrestdale)

Activity Centre Structure Planning

Subdivision Design & Main Street Principles

Built form Design Guidelines / LDPs

Development Applications (JDAP)

Negotiating Statutory Appr

The Newhaven District Activity Centre Structure Plan (2009) was prepared by CD+P to accord with the WAPC's Metropolitan Centres Policy Statement for the Perth Metropolitan Region (SPP No. 9); recognising that the now Gazetted WAPC's SPP 4.2 Activity Centres for Perth and Peel was still in draft form at the time of the Harrisdale DTC progressing.

CD+P successfully negotiated with the City and WAPC to not delay the Structure Plan until SPP 4.2 was formally Gazetted, and in so doing, negotiated a blend of provisions between the old and new Activity Centre policies for the benefit of it's client, Stockland.

The rigid framework for the Harrisdale District Activity Centre identified several opportunities and constraints in the district and local context, and enabled the Structure Plan to provide a comprehensive list of objectives and principles to guide the future development outcomes of the Centre. The resultant Harrisdale DAC has been a flagship for CD+P and exemplifies our strong relationship with Stockland and the broader project team and Government Agencies in delivering a quality Town Centre design and built form.

The grand opening of Stage 1 of the centre took place in late 2016.

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