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Development Contribution Plans

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Development contributions for infrastructure are widely applied in WA by local governments as a result of an increasing pressure being placed by population growth and higher community expectations for new and upgraded infrastructure.

As outlined by the Western Australian Planning Commissions State Planning Policy 3.6 Development Contributions for Infrastructure: The capacity of local governments to provide the additional infrastructure and facilities necessary to accommodate future growth and change is limited by the available financial resources.

Development Contribution Plans (DCPs), as outlined in SPP 3.6 aim to provide a consistent, accountable and transparent system for local governments to deliver and charge for infrastructure items which are not included in the standard provisions applicable to subdivisions, strata subdivision or development of land.

CD+P has been involved in various development contribution plan projects from both the perspective of the Local Authority and the developer. Our scope of service and experience ranges from full preparation of DCPs through to preparing comprehensive submissions on behalf of landowners/developers. Our work has involved information gap analysis, need and nexus analysis, preparation of cost apportionment schedules, dwelling yield calculations, co-ordination of sub-consultants preparing technical data and costings to support the DCP and overall collation of DCP documentation.

Our experience in contribution schemes has given us an in-depth understanding of the elements, stakeholders and agendas that are often encountered and how these are most efficiently resolved so that the scheme can be implemented.

We adopt an approach based on leadership, collaborative and multi-disciplinary team and stakeholder engagement and maintaining strong stakeholder relationships.

We find that this encourages strategic and innovative thinking to occur because team members work closely together and bounce ideas and issues of each other to ensure the highest quality outcomes.

We value an accountable and transparent process and believe that keeping communication open at all times is the key. Keeping all team members aware of all aspects of the project at any one time promotes efficiency in responding to issues as they arise.

Our experience in DCPs:

City of Cockburn Development Contribution Plan 13 Community Infrastructure working with the City of Cockburn to under

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