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East Landsdale, Western Australia

Approx. 15km north of Perth


Urban layout to protect the operation of the Telstra Perth International Telecommunications Centre by utilising primarily east-west road network, Centralised green spine traversing the natural north-south valley


Approx. 960


MRS rezoning

Local Authority Rezoning

Local Structure Planning

Subdivision Design

Negotiating Statutory Approvals

Detailed Area Plans

Stockland's Corimbia Residential Estate is located some 15 km north of Perth in the East Wanneroo district.

Our professionals were involved in this very successful project since it's inception, originally engaging with the multiple landowner group prior to embarking upon Metropolitan Region Scheme and Local Authority Rezonings, in addition to undertaking structure planning, subdivision design and Detailed Area Plans (DAPs).

Stockland's landholdings are spread over a composite area of approximately 79 hectares, with a yield of over 960 lots.

The estate was designed to address development constraints associated with the Telstra Communication Facility located on the opposite side of Alexander Drive. The open space distribution throughout the structure plan area accommodates a wide variety of recreational pursuits, and was designed in a manner that ensures equitable distribution amongst the various landowners within the structure plan area.

The design for the estate integrates all the elements necessary to create a modern liveable residential environment, with maximum pedestrian and vehicular permeability, legibility, correct solar orientation and the provision of a variety of residential allotments. The resultant open space delivered has become a beacon for recreational pursuits for local young families within the wider East Landsdale area.

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