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Champion Lakes


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Champion Lakes, Western Australia

Approx. 30km south of Perth


International rowing course, medium density residential estate




Structure Planning

Detailed Subdivision Design

Detailed Area Plans

Design Guidelines

Negotiating Statutory Approvals

The Champion Lakes Redevelopment represents a unique urban infill project in Armadale. The project began in 2006 and continues to be progressively developed. Covering an area of approximately 26 hectares, Champion Lakes will ultimately deliver in the order of 450 lots.

Our professional staff have undertaken a number of key tasks such as comprehensive design, design reviews, negotiation and securing approval for an overall structure plan and various subdivision applications, through to preparation of Detailed Area Plans (DAPs) and formulation of extensive design guidelines. We have been a prominent contributor to one of LandCorp's premier residential redevelopment projects. The preparation and progressive refinement of DAPs and design guidelines for the project has necessarily taken into account a myriad of built form considerations.

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