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Calleya Residential Estate


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Treeby, Western Australia

Approx. 25km south of Perth


District Oval and Educational Facilities, Water Sensitive Design Principles due to the estate being situated over the water mound




Project Feasibility

MRS Rezoning

Local Structure Planning

Urban Design and Detailed Subdivision

Neighbourhood Centre Development

Preparation of Development Contribution Documentation

Detailed Area Plans


Calleya comprises a master planned community of ultimately 5,000 residents and in excess of 2,000 lots. The project has entailed a complex urbanisation proposal over the Jandakot Water Mound (originally classified as a Priority 2 or "P2" Groundwater Resource Protection Area); incorporating innovative water senesitive urban design principles due to the estate being situated over the water mound. The journey began with the acquisition of the 153ha site by Stockland in 2008. The project realisation process involved a range of specialist skills and an arduous approval pathway.

Frank Arangio and key professional staff worked closely with Stockland in delivering the critical strategising framework to achieve urbanisation and participated in the Executive and Working Groups chaired by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

The site research phase, undertaken in close collaboration with the Department of Water, established, by mid 2010, that the site was capable of being developed for residential purposes without impacting current limited extraction practices by the Water Corporation. With this scientific outcome secured, the core planning process began in earnest, resulting in the preparation of a comprehensive MRS rezoning initiation proposal.

A tailored stakeholder engagement programme was then put into action. This collaborative framework underpinned the initiation and formal advertising of the MRS Amendment in late 2011. A corresponding local structure plan was prepared in mid 2012. The MRS Amendment progressed throughout 2012 and was formally effected in November 2012. In May 2013, the City of Cockburn granted Local Structure Plan approval enabling a formal application to be lodged for the first stage of Subdivision (nearly 500 lots).

We are extremely proud of our proactive role in achieving rezoning of this landmark project within an unprecedented timeframe.

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