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Burns Beach

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Burns Beach, approx. 4km north-west of Joondalup and 30km north-west of Perth


Coastal Living, Central Boulevard connection to the coast and a Special Design Precinct




Feasibility Studies

MRS Rezoning

Local Authority Rezoning

Structure Planning & Master Planning

Activity Centre Structure Plan

Detailed Urban & Subdivision Design

Negotiating Statutory Approvals

The 290 hectare Burns Beach landholding is located approximately 30 km north-west of Perth, adjacent to the Indian Ocean.

The project vision centred on the creation of a high quality, vibrant coastal residential settlement, embracing social, environmental and economic sustainability. The resultant Structure Plan focused on connection with the coast and the large conservation reserve to the north of the site.

The prime coastal location provided an excellent opportunity to create an integrated community, with a strong focus on the natural surroundings, achieved through the creation of a central boulevard connecting the coast with all the neighbourhoods, landscape features and open space areas.

A variety of residential densities are incorporated to cater for the diverse housing needs of the community, with design guidelines in place to ensure that quality built form is developed, particularly on the smaller lot product. In addition, a Special Design Precinct has been set aside within which subdivision and built form will be developed in harmony with the natural topography of the area.

The Structure Plan emerged from a comprehensive community and stakeholder consultation process. The consultation process provided a range of opportunities for stakeholder input and engaged stakeholders in the preparation of the Structure Plan. The Structure Plan therefore enjoys broad stakeholder support.

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