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Oceanscapes Alliance Joint Venture

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Eglinton, Western Australia

Approx. 45km north of Perth


District oval facility, integrates neighbourhood centre, primary school and associated facilities, coastal node design and development, conservation retention




Structure Planning

Urban Design and Detailed Subdivision

Neighbourhood Centre Development

Detailed Area Plans

Negotiation of Statutory Approvals

CD+P participated in the Alkimos Eglinton district planning exercise since the mid 1990's for the owner of Lot 2 Eglinton. In more recent years (2010), CD+P was commissioned by the Oceanscapes Alliance Joint Venture to undertake local structure planning and detailed subdivision design for the overall 600 hectare site.

Amberton comprises some 200 hectares (approximately one third of the overall Eglinton landholding) and will ultimately deliver over 2,600 lots. Of note was gaining approval for the first stage of subdivision (112 lots) in advance of formal approval being granted to the estate's Local Structure Plan. We negotiated this outcome on behalf of the client. The achievement also exemplifies our ability to develop strong relationships with Local Government.

Our professional staff have continued to be involved in many project approvals: bulk earthworks, display village, Detailed Area Plan and are currently assisting Stockland in resolving sensitive issues relating to the oceanside stages of the development.

Our performance on the project has been underpinned by an intimate understanding of the client's objectives and a sound working relationship with the planning team at the City of Wanneroo and Department of Planning.

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