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Alkimos Eglinton

Landcorp / Eglinton Estate / Norwest Group

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Eglinton, Western Australia

Approx. 45km north of Perth


Regional Activity Centre, District Activity Centre, Marina, Regional Coastal Node, Educational Sites, Employment Nodes and Housing Diversity




MRS Rezoning

District Structure Planning

High Level Negotiations (to relocate Alkimos Waste Water Treatment Plant further inland)

Input into the Alkimos Eglinton District Development Contribution Plan

Encompassing over 2600 hectares, and comprising one of Australia's largest master planned projects, Alkimos Eglinton is a vital component of the future land development needs of Metropolitan Perth.

The District Structure Plan prepared by CD+P professionals not only enabled zoning of the land to be implemented, but formed the guiding document fo the preparation of Local Structure Plans for the LandCorp/Lend Lease Alkimos Development, the Peet Limited Shorehaven Estate, the Stockland/Oceanscape Alliance Eglinton Project and the recently approved LandCorp/Satterly Eglinton North Project.

Embodying major employment nodes, a regional centre, numerous educational sites, a marina, two train stations (TOD's), significant environmental reserves and residential land to accommodate over 50,000 people, the Alkimos Eglinton Project is destined to become a benchmark development.

Our committed approach culminating in the approval to the District Structure Plan in 2010 was also recognised by the project receiving the Planning Minister's Award for Planning Excellence by the Planning Institute of Australia (WA Division) in 2011. The success of the Alkimos Eglinton District Structure Plan can be measured by the fact that individual estates are now being developed by Lend Lease, Peet Ltd., Stockland and Satterly Groups.

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