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Jessies Story This little cutie is Jessie who was delivered to Hope Childrens home 2 days after being born by his mother and has lived there ever since. Life in the orphanage is all he has ever known.

Hope Childrens Home Bali

by Inneka Gort (Innie) http://hopeorphanagebali.org/

Hope Childrens Home is an orphanage which was established in 1974 by Rev. Ketut Daniel (it wouldn't be Bali without a Ketut!) when he and his family began to provide housing and comfort to the orphans of Bali and beyond.

Upon retirement in 1973 Ketut Daniel decided to give the rest of his life, together with his wife and his own children, to serving children in need in his local community.

Initially what is now the orphanage accommodated 6 homeless children who had been abandoned by their parents.

The building that houses the orphanage was originally built in 1974 by Rev. Ketut Daniel. The orphanage has grown each year since and as a result, the number of the children is increasing.

After 26 years caring for orphans in his retirement, Rev. Ketut Daniel was no longer able to continue his work in the orphanage and it was handed over to his daughter, Rev. Ni Nyoman Trisnawathy (known as Tris).

Tris, her husband and her own children (who are now grown) manage the orphanage and care for the children, which at times has been up to 100 kids.

All children are welcome at Hope Childrens Home. No child is turned away.

The kids are provided with schooling (because Hope Home runs ENTIRELY on donations, sometimes there isn't enough money to pay school fees, in this case Tris schools them at the orphanage and when funds become available the kids then return to school where they are often teased and bullied for being orphans as if their lives aren't difficult enough).

Tris knows that education is extremely important to secure promising futures for each child. They are encouraged to pursue their academics all the way through to university. Again, funds are always needed to secure their places at universities and without the funds the kids can't be properly educated to a university level. On occasion Australian businesses and other benefactors financially support a childs university education.

Just as no child is turned away, no child is kicked out. The residents of the orphanage stay at Hope Home until they have acquired secure employment have enough money to move out on their own.

Hope Childrens Home has no government financial support whatsoever so it really does run on the kindness of strangers.

They really need to be creative (no pun intended!) when it comes to making ever dollar count. Although they have many rooms in the orphanage they double and triple bunk, having more than 1 occupant for each room saving electricity.

I have been involved with Hope Childrens Home for a couple of years now, taking over financial donations and suitcases full of items and supplies and I am so grateful that CD+P have chosen to be a benefactor to the home and I would encourage anyone who is able to donate, they are a legitimate orphanage, are financially accountable to their donators and ALL the money received goes into the running of the orphanage, no wages are deducted or paid for out of any of the funds.

Financial donations can be made here: http://hopeorphanagebali.org/donate/ if you are planning a trip to Bali, I would strongly encourage you to visit the orphanage and take donations of items that they need (list of items they need is on their website) http://hopeorphanagebali.org/

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